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How to Host a Great Game Night

More people today are looking for ways to save money thanks to the recession. When something has to go, the first thing to be eliminated from the family budget is often entertainment. Even if you have a small family, a night out can easily cost $100 or more. If you, your family and friends are the type of people who love spending time together, you don’t have to give up spending Friday night together. Instead of eliminating entertainment from your budget altogether, simply change what you do.

Game Night w/Thor & Amy

Here are five tips for hosting the perfect, budget-friendly game night:


You don’t have to grill steaks to have great party food. Instead of going for the most expensive foods that you can find, look for options that will suit your budget. Remember that this is a game night, not a dinner party and plan accordingly. You’ll want to have foods that are easy to grab and quick to eat. You can put together a fruit tray, a veggie tray, plates of cheese and crackers, or even order in. If you’re planning on hosting game night on a regular basis, pick up non-perishable food items when you stumble upon a great sale at the grocery store.

2.Board Games

Everyone loves board games, whether they know it or not. It may take your guests a few minutes to warm up to the idea of playing Monopoly or Life, but they’ll soon succumb to the frivolity of it all. If you’re going to choose a game like Monopoly that can last for hours, set a time limit rather than playing until everyone loses their money. Alternatively, you can choose to pull out several games that are played at a rapid pace.

3.Video Games

If you have a game console, look for games that you can play as groups or by splitting up into teams. The Wii console has a great sports disc that allows players to compete in games like bowling, baseball and tennis. Look for sports games, multi-player arcade games and even dance games that can be enjoyed together.

4.Game Stations

If you have a large group or a gathering of people of varying ages, setting up game stations can be a great way to get everyone involved. Set up a table with Candyland for toddlers and small children, a table with Sorry for older children and a poker table for the adults. Setting up different stations will ensure that everyone that you welcome into your home will have a great time.


If you’re playing board or card games, you may want to provide a bit of entertainment in the background. Put some age-appropriate music mixes on your MP3 player and plug it into your docking system. Alternatively, you can load some music onto your computer and play it softly in the background. Don’t get too involved in planning the entertainment; game night is often entertaining enough in its own right.

Hosting a game night for your family and friends can be a great way to spend a Friday evening. Instead of spending hard-earned cash to take the family out for a night on the town, stay home and invite a few friends over. You’ll not only save money by hosting game night, but chances are that you’ll have more fun than you’ve had in a long time.

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