Homeschooling On The Cheap

This site was started as a way to share homeschooling deals, coupons, coupon codes, and freebies with my 3 Boys and a Dog audience, but it has since grown into so much more!

Homeschoolers are typically struggling to get by on one income and many of us have much more than the rich man’s family (1 boy and 1 girl).  As we all know, homeschooling isn’t cheap and can be down-right expensive.  So, while we are always looking for the best homeschooling deals, we sure aren’t overly picky!

Grocery, Entertainment, clothing, cleaning, and gift deals are always great for us too.  So, you will find all of that here!

Now, that I have rambled enough (I do tend to do that often) let me tell you a bit about homeschooling and where to find the best homeschooling deals on Deals_3BD.

How to find the Best Homeschooling Deals -

Tip Number One: Freebies

Tip Number Two: Watch for Deals

I originally had a million and one category ideas, but my site looked so cluttered with a ton of things across the top for people to click on, that I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  I think my new categories for the best homeschooling deals will really help you to find exactly what you need:

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Tip Number Three: Buy all Year

Know where the best sales happen and keep your eyes open for them.  Don’t need that new history program this year? Buy the next level up and save it for next year… especially if it is 90% off!  Here is a list of homeschool/educational places to do some shopping.  Also, keep your eyes peeled to this website as I will be posting the best deals daily!


Tip Number Four: Organize Once

**coming soon**

Tip Number Five: Have Fun!

A wonderful way to have fun is a unit study!  I have done a bunch for you from the monthly wacky holiday unit study to a few Holiday themed ones (with more coming soon)!

Halloween Homeschooling Freebies by Subject is a super popular mommy resource that I put together over at Crystal and Company!  Then, because I had a good time with that and needed some handwriting worksheets for my boys, I made some free Halloween Handwriting printables for you. icon smile Homeschooling

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