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Homeschooling on the Cheap: February 2nd

I am having such a blast with this linky each week!  Aren’t y’all?  I love finding new things to do and the ideas are amazing!  We had 38 entries last week!  Can we reach 50 this week, you think?  Wouldn’t that be fun?

Most Visited Links from last week:


1.  Airport Poetry and Prose had 214 clicks last week! That means 214 people left my site and went to hers! Great way to include the joy of writing in our every day lives.

2.  Creating a Science Course from a Kit – Sometimes manuals provide a bit of background or scientific information, but usually I’ve found them to be pretty bare-bones,thus the need for additional information to make a kit into a complete course.

3.  Making a Money Masterpiece – Includes free Lapbook

4.  Where do Chicks come from? Fun Lets-Read-And-Find-Out Science Unit Study!

Homeschooling on the Cheap is a weekly web-wide round-up of some of the best homeschooling articles.  Please be sure to upload your best homeschooling posts each week!  Also, don’t forget to let your friends know, the more players, the more interesting this weekly round-up will be!

For all the ways to get the best homeschooling deals, be sure to visit the homeschooling category at Deals_3BD!

You may include anything that falls into Homeschooling on the Cheap category. Examples:

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  • Game ideas
  • Homeschooling Articles
  • Frugality in your Homeschool
  • Classroom Organization
  • etc. Link it up and be sure to visit some of the other linked posts.


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    1. Thanks for putting together this link-up each week and featuring my post this week. I have gotten a ton of traffic which put me over my goal of hits last month! Thanks again.

    2. Thanks for featuring our Monet link up. FYI you have a small typo – it isn’t a moneY study it is on moneT (the artist =-) I make typos all the time!!

      Beth =-)


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