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Homeschooling on the Cheap: 04/12/2012

I was just thinking that I haven’t given out a free chapter of my Alphabet Soup book in quite some time!  Why was I thinking that?  Because a friend asked me to make something for her and it has turned into this great idea.  Also, I am coming right along with my States pages… it reminded me about the book.  I have to get to 5000 fans before I release the next chapter.  However, I will hopefully have the full book available for purchase soon!

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Wow, some of the same blogs have been popular lately.  I think next week I might do some of MY favorite link ups. Smile

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3. Easter Egg Addition from Learning Ideas – Grades K through 8

4.  Easter Egg Art from Kids Activities Blog!

5. Homemade Silly Putty from Train Up a Child!

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