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Holiday Gift Guide: Tween Girl ages 9 – 12

At this category, the girls get a bit harder to buy for.  They aren’t really into toys so much, but they aren’t big kids yet.  So.. what do you do?  Below are some fabulous ideas!

BYOU ‘Be Your Own You!’ Magazine


BYOU ‘Be Your Own You!’ Magazine is a self-esteem publication for tween girls, ages 8-14.

Our mission is to provide healthy self-esteem for girls, with the help of teen celebrity role models, features on ‘real girls’ making a difference, tips, games, and stories.

Mom Says:  So many girls are lacking self esteem these days, what a great way to help them over come all that!  With stories by real girls that have the same issues, this is perfect for your daughter!  Even widely popular girls that seem to be overly “full of themselves” could be hiding the inner child that is unsure!

Potted Herb Kits

_MG_7231Potted herb kits are a wonderful way to teach kids about benefits of growing their own food! You choose the herbs, anywhere from 3-6, and get the pot, seeds and soil to plant your own.  Watch them grow into the spring!

Potted Herbs are a wonderful way to enjoy your herb plants indoors and close at hand. Whether you’re cooking with culinary herbs like Rosemary, or just enjoying the fresh, natural scent of our aromatic herbs like Lemon Verbena, potted herbs are essential to your home. Beautiful decor or functional flavors, we offer a wide selection of various plants, pots, and kits to enjoy. With so many scents and styles, these potted herbs make lovely, sustainable gifts!

Mom Says:  This is a perfect gift for you homeschoolers!  Let your young ladies learn to grow their own natural seasonings!

  • Potted Herb Kits available at The Growers Exchange – $34.99
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    Single Strand Rhinestone Bracelet

    NEW! Rhinestone BraceletsFull of sparkle and shine, these single strand bracelets feature rhinestone beads on colorful waxed linen cording. Closure is our signature metal toggle clasp. Layer several to add a dazzling pop to your outfit!


    Calypso Studios debuted in January 2007 with a line of jewelry and accessories created from the earth’s natural elements: clay, shell, and glass. The new line was immediately embraced and praised for its unique designs and mediums.

    Calypso Studios’ designs are on-trend, spanning the ages in both technique and those choosing these distinctive and exclusive designs. More than just a conversation piece, Calypso Studios jewelry symbolizes good taste for an independent spirit.
    It is our hope that this art will bring much pleasure to those who wear it. Calypso Studios jewelry indeed serves to commemorate life’s happy moments.

    Mom Says:  My girls have reviewed Calypso Studios before, but I have never gotten my hands on any before.  I love the fact that these look like homemade bracelets yet ar durable quality!  They are perfect for kids of today and all their “friendship” type bracelets that they are wearing!  At only $7.50 each, you can buy multiple colors so your daughter, niece, or grand-daughter can mix and match at whim!

Women in Blue or Gray

Women in Blue or Gray: True Stories from Both Sides of the American Civil WarThe passion of the American Civil War comes alive as we look at pairs of remarkable, courageous and dedicated women from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. These are true, thrilling stories that girls, boys and parents will find exciting and inspiring.

Mom Says:  In addition to it just being a great way to get stories into your older kids, this is a fabulous addition to your Civil War homeschooling curriculum!

Glitz & Glass Wrap Bracelets

A combination of 2 best-sellers, these 20” long triple wrap bracelets are made with both metallic and glass beads. Each is hand-strung on a waxed linen cord and features our signature metal toggle clasp. The 8 colorful styles are sure to light up the holiday season!

Available in 8 different color combinations like Green, Brown, & Gold and Red, Green & Silver – these triple wrap bracelets are sure to fit every wardrobe choice!

It is our hope that this art will bring much pleasure to those who wear it. Calypso Studios jewelry indeed serves to commemorate life’s happy moments.

Mom Says:  Another Calypso Studios item makes the Gift Guide cut!

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*Disclaimer:  What you will see throughout the month of November are my top picks based on customer service, quality, uniqueness, and value for your buck.  If they are kid toys then they also have to be kid-approved by my children and nieces!  Any opinions stated are strictly my own!  No money changed hands, although the items were sent to me to help facilitate my reviews.*

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  1. LOVE that you included living plants!! What a great way to teach your tween about healthy eating!

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