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Giveaways Around the Web: 08/27/2013

On Friday my youngest will be seven… SEVEN!  How is that even possible?  On Sunday we begin September…. my time flies when you are having fun!  What is more fun than winning free stuff?  Getting traffic for people looking to win free stuff. LOL!

As you know, my giveaway links repeats weekly.  So, every week I have a new post with a refreshed linky!  Any posts that were put on in the past weeks that have NOT expired will remain on the list.  Only expired ones or one without dates (so I don’t know if they have expired) were removed.


Don’t forget, you can now WIN a HUGE Back to School giveaway pack valued at around 450 bucks!

Take Note:

The rules are simple – giveaway only!  Be sure to put your ending date and it is helpful to put a few other details.


WIN $1000 Dollars Cash –$1000 – open USA/CAN – 14/27

Link up below:


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  1. Thanks for the linky!

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