Giveaways Around the Web: 08/20/2013

As you know, my giveaway links repeats weekly.  So, every week I have a new post with a refreshed linky!  Any posts that were put on in the past weeks that have NOT expired will remain on the list.  Only expired ones or one without dates (so I don’t know if they have expired) were removed.


Don’t forget, you can now WIN a HUGE Back to School giveaway pack valued at around 450 bucks!

Take Note:

Upcoming Twitter Parties I am hosting, cohosting, or just planning to attend!

The rules are simple – giveaway only!  Be sure to put your ending date and it is helpful to put a few other details.


WIN $1000 Dollars Cash –$1000 – open USA/CAN – 14/27

Link up below:

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