CLOSED: Girls 2 to 4 Holiday Gift Guide plus GIVEAWAY

Morning!  Well, today is going to be another one of those days.  We have a hurricane headed this way so I need to get some posts scheduled in case I lose power.  Also, Zack fell off a fence (don’t ask) and hurt his wrist, so we are going to the doctor.  Also, it is Tripp’s birthday (10 years!) so we need to make it special.  Uggh, anything else?  LOL!  Ok, on to the guide:

wpf92e7352 Mealtime Manners Placemats

Invented by mom of four Suzy Martyn, you can reclaim your time around the dinner table with these best-selling reversible Mealtime Manners Placemats. Your child will follow the pathway to mealtime manners, with ten fun stops along the way.

clip_image001Beginning with “Be thankful for another meal” to “Clear the table” and everything in between, your child will be empowered to take the initiative.

Engaging illustrations make it easy for pre-readers to act like a “big kid.”

The girls’ side is a colorful stroll through a flowery meadow. The boys’ side, with the same ten rules, is a swerving speedway, complete with checkered flag at the finish line. Laminated for easy cleaning.

Available at Mommy MD Guides.

Mom Says: This is a super neat idea!  I nice for the kids (boys on one side or girls on the other) to keep their mess off the table and learn or play in the process!

clip_image001[6]WowWee Alive™ Sleeping Cuties joined the Alive animal kingdom – and each comes with its very own blanket. Featuring lifelike fur and a pose-able head, the new pets make gentle slumbering sounds and have irresistible puppy-dog eyes that blink with affection. These adorable sleepy pets lift and lower their head into wakeful or napping position when you pet them, making them the perfect naptime companion. The WowWee Alive Sleeping Cuties pets come in two varieties, Labradoodle Puppy and Beagle Puppy. MSRP: $34.99. Age: 3 and up. 4 “AA” batteries included.

Available at Walmart for $34.97

Mom Says: These are the cutest little things!  Tank got a WowWee Alive Mini Pet to try out and he carries that thing every where!  They are really life-like and seriously, just adorable!  Nice change from the typical baby doll.


(HASBRO/Age 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99 )

BABY ALIVE WHOOPSIE DOO doll features all the drinking and diapering excitement of the BABY ALIVE brand. This adorable little one loves to “drink” “juice” from her bottle and, when she’s all done “eating,” BABY ALIVE WHOOPSIE DOO “pees” and “poops” just like a real baby! When it’s time to go, she’ll cry out and wriggle her arms and legs to let you know it’s time to change her diaper. After she’s all clean, BABY ALIVE WHOOPSIE DOO is ready to play with her pretty rattle and will make realistic happy cooing sounds like a real baby. Requires 4 “AA” batteries, included. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

Available at Walmart for $21.97

Mom Says: Goodness!  It has been a very long time since I have had a baby doll.  I remember when I got a doll who’s eyes closed.  I was amazed!  Now, I am even more amazed at how far toys have come.  This thing uses the bathroom #1 and #2!  How neat is that?  Your little girl will love this “real” baby! Oh yeah, you want to win this for the little girl in your life, don’t ya’?

REQUIRED: Go visit the Hasbro Toy Shop then come back and tell me what you saw, liked, and or learned

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