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Free: Solar System Printables and Activities

Solar System Printables & Activities

Solar System Printables & Activities

The Solar System is a very popular search and I know why!  With three boys, I am always looking for new and fun ways to get the solar system knowledge into their little minds.  I have literally spent hours upon hours trying to find GOOD resources for solar system printables and interactive guides.  Hopefully you find this list helpful!

#1 – Free Solar System Printable – scaled printable coloring page!

#2 – Build a Solar System – This neat page as TONS of free activities including a Solar System Model Calculator!  Simply enter the size you want to make your Sun and it tells you what size each of the planets needs to me.  Cool, right?

#3 – Free Solar System Materials – Tons of fun solar systems for kids printables!

#4 – StarChild Project: Connecting NASA and the K12 Classroom – Cool on-line activities, information and video about the sun, planets, and stars.  This one is a fun solar system activity for kids!

#5 – Lunar and Planetary Institute – From Art Competitions to Explorer Series and Public Outreach – great site of free solar system printables and free solar system activities.  This site is a WEALTH of information!

#6 – Solar System Lesson Plans – Written by 2 First Grade teachers in Elizabeth Colorado, this Solar System lesson plan contains almost everything needed to teach your child in 9 easy lessons!

#7 – Natural Beach Living has a great post on a Solar System Unit Theme Study – you can even use Oreos to show the moon phases!  Neat!

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