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Free: Laundry Lessons for Preschool

Do you get My Preschool Plans in your email inbox?  If you have a preschooler you should!  I have received it for years, and although I no longer have a preschooler at home, I love to browse through her ideas!  Sometimes, they give me ideas to make (or look for) ideas for older kids!

Here’s what today’s said:

Here’s a fun circle time activity that I call
"Laundry Lessons":

All you’ll need are some socks from your laundry
room (how’s that for easy?)

This is a great game to teach:

*Problem Solving
*Matching Skills

PLUS, it can easily be adapted for different ages!

Go learn how to play here:

Now you see why I said you should sign up for it? LOL! The My Preschool Plan email is FREE!

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