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Kids Books For Your Home Library

I have had the immense pleasure of reviewing a few good kids books from the authors themselves this week in exchange for an honest book review. I have been eager to share them with you all week long. These are definitely books worth adding to your children’s library at home or renting them from your local library.

Now that school is in session our kids are having to doing reading logs every week. These books make reading fun for both the kids and the adults who have to read them to their kids. Reading together is such a joy unless your child doesn’t have a passion for reading. These kids books have been proven to be great forms of entertainment even for the non-reader child in my household. I feel confident that you and your kids will gain immense pleasure from reading them too.

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Kids Books Perfect For Learning To Read Stage

The first book worth mentioning is the Skinny Little Tree by Jayme Martin. This is a perfect book for early readers. “May Skinny Little Tree, Wiggly Worms, and Little Leaves remind you that all the seasons of life are worth living.” The book uses many common core words for Kindergarten and First Grade level reading. Plus there is also a section for your youngster to draw their version of what they see the main character for each section looking like. I recommend this book for any parent who has a small child just learning to read and loves to draw.

Another wonderful book for early readers is the Boy Meets Dog: A Word Game Adventure by Valerie Wyatt. This book is super cute because it take your child on a small journey with the dog. This book shows a young child how one letter can change a word into so many new words. It’s rather fun to read this book with your child because they get excited seeing all the different words they can learn. Plus they find it fascinating seeing the word transformations all throughout the book. I feel the author did a remarkable job teaching a valuable lesson in such a great manner.

Higher Elementary School Reading

As kids get older, it’s been my experience that they really don’t enjoy reading for pleasure as much as they do when they are little kids learning to read books. They get overwhelmed by the idea of having to read chapter kids books. So, when I can find a book that my child will enjoy reading on his own that is a bit more advanced I am thrilled.

The next book that you need to add to your shelves is Spartan and the Green Egg, Book 1, A Trip to the Rainforest by Nabila Khashaoggi .  My non-reader totally enjoyed this book so much that he literally wrote a full book review on this kids book himself. He stated that he loved the fact that it is in like a comic book fashion. The illustrations are definitely enjoyable to look at. The story line is captivating enough to make him want to continue reading it from start to finish in one sitting. He felt like he was on the adventure with the main character.

I would be curious to see if your child wanted to draw different characters for the Skinny Little Tree book. Does your child create other words for the adventure with Boy Meets Dog? What is the best part of the adventure for your child in the book Spartan and the Green Egg? These are questions that would add to your reading time with your child with these kids books.

What are some good kids books that you and your child have read together lately?

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