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Feeding Your Dog Well and Exercise

There are ways to take care of a rising issue in dogs. That issue is dog obesity. It might not cross the minds of many humans that in the same way that a human can gain too much weight, a dog can gain more weight than what is healthy for them. This is because in the minds of many, dogs are cute when they are pudgy. How many times have people walked down the street, and noticed a pudgy dog?  Many people have and they might give the pudgy dog special attention. Dog owners might make the issue worse, by rewarding the cute pudgy dog with more blue buffalo brand dog food!  These people have good intent, but they aren’t helping the dog. Rather, they are hurting the dog, because they are hurting the health of the dog.  Of course, this doesn’t apply to puppies. Just like the case with human children, puppies need a bit of flesh to keep them warm, and the puppies are growing. But again like with human children, as they grow, they need to shed their baby fat, and they need to grow into lean and healthy adults. If humans feed their children too much, or more frequently than what are appropriate, the child will become fat.  Dogs are even more prone to obesity, because humans show love to the dog by feeding it. So not only do humans feed dogs the wrong types of food, many times they feed it either too much wellness dog food, or they feed the dog food too frequently.

An obese dog is a miserable dog. It’s not comfortable for them to have extra weight on their back, their haunches, or their joints. They suffer in pain when they are too heavy. If you’ve ever seen a dog with a belly that drags to the ground, then you have to know that the dog isn’t having a good time of things. But this can all be prevented, or reversed.  The key just like with humans is diet and exercise. The dog owners have to clean up the feeding habits of the dog. They can buy dog food that is lean, and that is healthy such as Canidae pet food. It’s easy to find lean and healthy dog food. Many grocery stores have these types of food right on the shelf. But if not, the dog owner can easily go to specialty dog food store. They can also order healthy dog food online from stores that offer free shipping on dog food.

They should also make sure that the dog is getting plenty of healthy activity. This means that the dog needs to get moving. The dog should be walking briskly, running, climbing, or anything that will get their heart pumping and that will burn off the fat.  The more that the dog is moving around, the more that they will burn off the extra weight. The dog will also improve in the mental health as well. Dogs love to be active. They love getting out in the world. Movement keeps their minds sharp and curious, and it keeps them in a healthy frame of mind. The combination of movement and healthy eating of foods like Taste of the Wild is a winning combination that will keep the dog healthy and alive for many years.

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