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Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire: Fireplace Gas Logs

main_saleFireplace Gas Logs

The temperature is dropping in South Alabama, yes seriously!  We have had out heater on for a few days.  In fact, the weather is so crazy that it was warmed while I was in Chicago than it was here at home!  So, it is time to think about firewood!  But, these days unless you live on a wooded lot, firewood is hard to come by and super expensive.

Gas logs are certainly the way to go! cdr-500 These beautiful Coastal Driftwood Gas Logs are not only a nice new look for the den or living room, but they can help to keep you really warm this year. Since I live on the coast, I would choose the driftwood ones as they looks like they came straight from my area.  But, Hansen Wholesale has many different R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs to choose from.

Do you currently burn wood in a fireplace in your home? The time and energy you spend chopping or buying firewood, then toting it inside the house, is not really that much fun. Especially on those real cold days, when the temperature drops below freezing. After you do all of this hard work, you probably have a mess around the fireplace and any rooms you have to go through to bring firewood from outside, is probably littered in debris too. All of this could be avoided, if you turn your current fireplace, into one that will support these gas burning logs.

Vented Gas Logs or Ventless Gas Logs?

If you are not sure about the difference when it comes to Ventless Gas Logs or Vented Gas Logs; then don’t feel bad. I was a little lost too, in knowing the differences.  Luckily, the Hansen Wholesale site has an area on their website that breaks down the difference. Basically, your vented gas logs are the most real-looking, but don’t produce as much heat as the ventless logs. While the ventless gas logs do provide more warmth, they don’t offer the realistic look, like the vented gas logs do. There are some other differences you can find out; when you decide to surf on over to Hansen Wholesale online, to buy your new gas logs or to replace the ones you currently have installed.  The Gas Log FAQs is the perfect place to start your search.  Besides, this is definitely a “man’s toy” and would make a perfect Christmas present for the men in your life that have everything and need nothing. :-)

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