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Celebrate the Great American Backyard Campout!

Who’s Ready for Some Camping?


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Did you know that this Friday, June 22nd, is the Great American Backyard Campout Event!  For this event, families across America are encouraged to register and then spend the night under the stars.  Of course, registration isn’t necessary, but you do get a (free!) handy Camping Guide, chock-full of fun activities, great recipes, camping tips and more!  Head on over to the official site for more details!

As for us, I’m not sure we’ll actually spend the night outdoors.  The kids are still pretty young, and since we don’t actually OWN a tent, I’m pretty sure we would be eaten alive by mosquitos (no thanks!).    Instead, I think we’ll have a little campfire, roast some marshmallows, and catch a few fireflies.  We’ll spend a few minutes admiring the stars and then head inside!

All this week, though, we’ve been talking about camping!

Here’s a few things we’ve been doing to celebrate “Camping Week”!

Books We’re Reading:

  • Curious George Goes Camping:  In this cute book, George learns the importance of fire safety and staying away from skunks!  You can grab the Kindle version for only $3.00!
  • Pig Pig Goes to Camp:  In this book, Pig Pig makes friends with a lot of frogs!  You can get more details and fun activity over at this post.
  • Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter):  This book never gets old as Little Critter tries his best to help out at the camp site!  Currently only $2.38 for a brand new book on Amazon!


Of course, there’s been a lot of tent building going on this week!  The kids never seem to get tired of this activity!

Building a tent

We’ve also been practicing our first aid skills.  You know, just in case!

First Aid Practice

I was also inspired by this worksheet in a preschool book to do a little project of our own:

Starry Night

I thought we could talk about all the stars in the sky and then use those star stickers (found in the office section at Wal-mart) and some dark blue or black construction paper to make a starry night sky of our own.   If you have older kids, you could even try to replicate some of the constellations!  It’s on the schedule for Thursday, so I’ll try to post a picture later this week!

What About You?

Will you be celebrating the Great American Backyard Campout?

I’d love to hear all about it!

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