Blogging Basics: Clean Up Your Computer

If you are a blogger, your computer is your most important business tool.  If it goes out, you are in trouble!  As part of National Cleaning Week, I am going to give you some tips and ideas to clean up your computer and keep your blog running at optimum potential!

Important Ways To Keep Your Computer Up to Speed:

Be sure your anti-virus program is up to date and functioning properly.  Be sure to schedule an automatic full disk check to ruin daily.  I run mine at 11 pm (as I am not usually on my computer at that time) using AVG.

  • Step One – Clean up your computer of unnecessary files.  I use TuneUp Utilities and also the disc cleaner that came with my computer.  Plus, I go through my photos, videos, pictures, etc and delete or remove from my hard drive anything that doesn’t need to be there.
  • Step Two – Clean up the registry.  Again, I use my TuneUp Utilities to handle this.  You can find a program on the internet that will do this for you.  Windows Live has a free registry cleaner that can help you clean up your computer.
  • Step Three – Run your COMPLETE anti-virus program.  Not a quick scan, but a FULL scan.  I use AVG anti-virus software.
  • Step Four – Run disc defragment.  You can find this on your computer.
  • Step Five – Restart and back up you hard drive.  I use the Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive to automatically back up my computer, but when I do my regular maintenance, I delete all old copies of the back up .

Important Ways To Keep Your WordPress Blog Up to Speed:

    Be sure to keep ALL pictures on your site under 100 KB!  I use to make my pictures smaller in file size.  Actually, if you have the right plug ins, most of this can be automated!  Here is an awesome list of plugins to help keep you secure and running smoothly.

Broken Link Checker – when fixing the broken links on your site and fixing the redirects, be very careful that you don’t correct any affiliate redirects.  If you do, it looses your affiliate information and you will no longer get paid.

WP Database Backup – This keeps your database backed up in the place of your choosing.  Perfect in case you accidently mess something up.  You can always pull yesterday’s back up!

WP Security Scan – Scans your computer for security issues (passwords, permissions, database security) and suggests ways to correct them to help keep you safe from hackers.

Akismet – Stop spammers from going into your comments!

WP Anti-Virus – Virus protection for your wordpress blog.  Yep, you could catch a virus on your blog if you aren’t protected!

Plus, a couple steps that should be done on a regular basis.

That’s it  Be sure to tackle the above today and let me know how it goes!

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  1. says

    Hey there. I am your newest follower and a bit of a computer-geek too. Instead of playing with Barbies as a kid, I usually played my Barbie game on my Commodore 64 lol. I use ESET which is the best anti-virus software out there according to CNET, but, it’s definitely not free, so a lot of people would keep looking for something else. I used to play MMOs though, so timing was very important and I couldn’t have some bloated software running in the background interrupting things like stupid Norton for example. Anyway, thanks for the post and please stop by my blog to follow me too!

    -Sandra from
    Sandra´s last blog post ..Blood Ninja- by Nick Lake

  2. ABILENE says

    Not even a month later and I already need to reclean. Thanks for the tips again btw.

  3. says

    I have had some issues lately with my computer running slow. You suggested some great tips and advice. I cleaned out my files on my hard drive, ran the disk defragmenter, cleaned my registry, and updated & ran a complete full scan of my anti-virus software. After all this, my computer is running quicker.