Blogging Basics: Dont Get Sucked Into Social Media!

use your social media time wisely

I am fully aware of using social media for blogging and for businesses!  With over 29,000 Twitter followers at @KelliBMiller on Twitter and regularly scheduled twitter parties, I understand the value.  However,  I do tend to occasionally over-spend my time there, Facebook, Pinterest, and on G+.  LOL!    If there’s one thing that has stood out in […]

Blogging Basics: Free Baseball Fonts

free baseball fonts

Since starting the #LearntoBlog series with Crystal, I have neglected my blogging basics posts.  So, since I was look for fun {and free} baseball fonts for my youngest Son’s birthday party, it seemed like a good idea to resurrect them!  These free baseball fonts are not only fun for offline stuff, but great for jazzing up […]

Blogging Basics: 10 Ways to Enhance Instagram

enhance your instagram

Even though, plain Instagram is fun and cool enough to use, the reason why it is so popular, you can easily enhance your Instagram experience by using additional tools, services and add on apps especially designed for Instagram users. Most of the services and tools are designed to make Instagram more functional for users. With […]

Blogging Basics: Is Your Blog Prepared for Death?

Social Media Blog Tip

It isn’t something we like to think about, but are you concerned about what will happen to your blog or your social media account in the event that something happens to you? Although you have to follow certain procedures when writing a will (to ensure that the will is legal and valid), what you include […]

Top Pinterest Pins of the Week

Top Pins on Pinterest

Welcome back to our Pinterest Party! This week we have changed it up a bit and are sharing with you a few of our Top Pinterest Pins of the Week. These pins have received a lot of repin action! Do you ever check and see which of your pins are the most popular on Pinterest? […]

Join the iPad Mini Giveaway Event!

Check out the new iPad Mini Giveaway Event! If you are a blogger you can enter to host this event for free on your blog. Stay tuned as everyone can enter to win! Click the below link if you want to host this on your blog.   iPad Mini Giveaway Event! Sponsored by: Organized […]

Blogging Basics: Do Social Networking Your Way


Over the last 10 posts, I’ve shared a lot of suggestions for your approach to social networking. I hope that some of have been useful to you and I even hope that you’ve decided to completely disregard some of them. If there’s one key takeaway I’d like people to get from all this rambling on […]

Blogging Basics: Four Unexpected Benefits of Social Networking


We started out this blog series talking about how it’s a truly social web out there. No one can argue that. People are flocking to Facebook (a billion active monthly users) and are spending a large portion of their Internet time on social networks. Because of this, the experts tell us, as business owners, we […]