Blog and Social Media Building Services

I have been blogging for a very long time – since November 2006.  During that time I have spent numerous hours in classes (free and paid), reading all books and posts that I could get my hands on, and doing trial and error things.

Now, I am taking my experience and turning it into a money making opportunity for me and cheap information for you!

Twitter Building -

The way it works is that I would need your twitter login info.   From there I would spend time every day researching hashtags, other users similar to you, etc and begin following – I will continue this process until I have gained you 1,000 new, niche-specific, organic twitter followers.  Twitter doesn’t like for you to have less followers than you follow so I would keep my eye on that and unfollow inactive users, people that don’t follow you, etc.  To keep from Twitter looking at you as spam, I have algorithms that I have developed over the years to get you the best bang for your buck without getting you in trouble by the twitter police. :-)  Cost = $100 for 1000 new followers

Printables -

With the influx of pinterest and other photo-rich social media sites, free printables are bringing more traffic to blogs than ever before.  I make printables to your specifications.  Cost = $5.00 per page

Digital Graphics -

I like to make pinnable graphics, buttons, banners, etc for my blog and others.  They are a great way to get people to pin your stuff and then come back over. Cost = $5.00 per graphic.

One on One Blog Consultation -

Crystal (of Crystal and Company ) and I have been doing weekly #learntoblog live hangouts on G+ for many weeks.  They have been a HUGE success and now you guys are asking us to help you out on a more private basis.  So, we have decided to do 30 minute consultations via video where we will go through your site (and/or social media accounts) and give you several tips and ideas to put into play to increase your web presence!  Cost = $50.00 for a 30 minute consultation

Please send an email to Kelli (at) Blogprintmedia (dot) com if you are interested in any of the above!

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