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Back to School: Tax Free Weekend 2013

Many states are offering Back to School Tax FREE Shopping holidays in 2013. During back to school preparations for everyone – homeschooling and public schooling alike – these holidays can really save you some cash!  Here is a full list of participating states.  Follow the links for each state for more information, as each of the states have their own guidelines as to what can be purchased and the spending limit.  Just remember – some states offer better deals than others!

3BD Back to School Preparations for Everyone - Tax Free Shopping Days 2013

Why is a tax free holiday important for back to school?

Tax free holidays usually take place during August in order to help parents (and teachers) save money on their back to school needs. I suggest planning ahead to take full advantage of these once a year holidays. Make a list of what you need, and shop around for the best sales prices. Doing so can save you anywhere from 4 to 7% off your total price!

2013 Tax Free Holiday Dates

Alabama – August 2 to August 4

Arkansas – August 3 to August 4

Connecticut – August 18 to August 24

Florida – August 2 to August 4

Georgia – August 9 to August 10

Iowa – August 2 and August 3

Louisiana – August 2 and August 3

Maryland – August 11 to August 17

Mississippi – July 26 to July 27

Missouri – August 2 to August 4

New Mexico – August 2 to August 4

North Carolina – August 2 to August 4

Oklahoma – August 2 to August 4

South Carolina – August 2 to August 4

Tennessee – August 2 to August 4

Texas – August 9 to August 11

Virginia – August 2 to August 4

Tax free holidays are not in all states, either because (a) there are no state sales taxes or (b) they are not participating in the tax free holiday. Stay tuned next week for more great tips!


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My husband (Ricky) of 15 years, our three wild and wonderfully different little boys, one totally spoiled little dog named Annie, and I live in a small town on the coast of Southern Alabama.


  1. I was actually just talking to a friend about this over the weekend. She was wondering when it was and I said that I thought it was the first weekend of August. It looks like I was right. Thanks.

    • Kim Miller says:

      You are most welcome Lindsay! I wanted to be sure and get it posted early because without fail, every year, I hear about it on the news the day of, and haven’t had time to put money aside for the shopping trip or make my list. That means I’ve ended up missing it for like the past five years! Not this year though! I’m ready to shop!

  2. I don’t live in one of the tax free states. I wonder if this is a good reason to move!

    • Kim Miller says:

      I was thinking of moving to one of the tax free states – you don’t pay state taxes at ALL on ANYTHING! If you live close to a bordering state that DOES participate – you can do tax free shopping in that state on their days. You don’t have to be a resident!

  3. I shop every year during the tax free holiday in Florida. It is a great time to stock up on office supplies and clothes.

  4. Kim Miller says:

    I’ve missed the past several years here in Virginia Cindy … but not this year! I’m ready!

  5. I’ll be doing my shopping on our tax free days. There are lots of sales then so the savings add up.

  6. Liza Woodfin says:

    I love this time of year! I always go school supply shopping on tax free weekend. I live in Texas in a small town of Carthage that is also a 45 minute drive from Shreveport, LA. I go shopping in Louisiana too during it’s tax free weekend. I take advantage of two bordering tax free weekend states. It’s a great time to stock up like Cindy said. I too buy myself new clothes and shoes when I go shopping for my kids new school clothes. Also in Carthage, Texas our community holds an annual Oil and Gas Blast festival like function. They have now started the last two years I think to have games that kids can play to win free school supplies. It great to have something like that for the kids and they love it.

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