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Baby Bottle, Sippy Cup Organizer AND Baby Food Jar Organizer Reviews

I HATE CLUTTER!! I just can’t stand it. That’s why when I had a chance to review the Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer and the Universal Baby Food Jar Organizer I jumped on it.

We just moved this summer. We went from a two story five bedroom house to a one story three bedroom house. Let me tell you; that calls for some creative organizing. I spent a good three days trying to get my  kitchen shelf organize how I liked. It just wasn’t happening. Every time I reached into the shelf to get a cup I was knocking over another cup. The same goes for the baby food. I broke a total of five baby jars of food by knocking them off the shelf.


With the universal baby  bottle  and sippy cup organizer I didn’t have to worry about knocking over another cup. I got to admit at first I was worried about if my cups would even fit into it. It has three different widths that it can adjust to. It adjusts pretty easily to. It was just a matter of pulling on the sides a little bit or pushing the sides back in.  The ability to adjust to three different sides assured that it would fit all of my cups and or bottles! It’s  pretty easy to load with the cups. It can fit up to 12 bottles or sippy cups.  It also came with a container that you can put the cup lids or bottle nipples.  The organizer can be place  into a cabinet or refrigerator. It’s also dishwasher safe, so that makes it easy to clean if some formula or juice got onto it. The best part is that I didn’t have to put it together!

With the universal baby food jar organizer is a life savor or a floor savor! I don’t have to worry about jars dropping onto the floor and breaking.  What I love about this is there so many new places where I can put the baby food. With this I can put it in the shelf with her dishes. All I had to do is stack her dishes on top of the organizer. These are stackable so you can buy more than one and stack on top of each other.  It has four rows that fit four jars of food. It does require some work to put together, but its a matter of snapping things together. First you got to decide how tall you want it. Are you using ones, twos, or three level of jar of food. If it’s one and two you are using the same piece. If it’s three you are using the taller one. My little one still has twos, so I used the shorter one. With this I was able to put the like foods together. That made it nice trying to decide what I wanted to feed her. If you make your own baby food you can use it to store in the freezer.

Both of these help make my shelves a little more organize and a lot easier for me to get what I need out of the shelves. So if you are like me and love to be organize or if you are tired of cleaning up broken jars of food off the floor then these are for you!!

Buy it!
 Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer online at PRK Products for 24.95

Baby Food Organizer online at PRK Products for 24.95


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  1. Michael Dwenn says:

    The food jar organizer is a really cool idea. It may also be very useful during vacations to keep the jars safe in the car.
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