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B is for Bird Feeder {And Free Lunch Notes!}

Now that the weather is turning colder, it’s the perfect time to hang out a few bird feeders.  We “built” ours a few weeks ago, so the birds have finally found the little feeder!  It’s so much fun to look out the window and see the birds sitting on the branch and dangling from the feeder.  My two year old is so excited she can hardly stand it!

Let’s get started!

What You Need:

  • Old container (Milk Carton, Coffee Can, Gatorade Bottle, etc)
  • Paint and Brushes
  • Bird Seed (and maybe a funnel)
  • Yarn
  • Optional: Buttons, Paper, Tissue Paper, other embellishments

What You Do:

Before you announce the official “start” of the project, cut a few holes in your containers so you won’t have to do that when the paint it wet!

I cut one hole for the birds to eat from and then another little one to stick a dowel rod through later.

Lay out all your supplies or gather them up on a tray (preferably while the kids are napping!).  We did ours outside on the picnic table, so no need for newspaper.  I usually just put 2-3 colors on a paper plate for the kids and let them have at it.

Now, we used washable paint because I don’t have paint smocks and I didn’t want the day care kids clothes to get ruined. Of course, the color washed right off as soon as it rained, but Chipmunk hasn’t seemed to notice.  The birds certainly don’t care one way or the other, so your call!

Painting! Painting! Painting!


When the bird feeders were dry, I looped a piece of yarn around the mouth (or through the top for the milk carton).  Then we hung them with a thumb tack on the tree.

Of course, we had to fill them with bird seed first!

Hanging with Pride!!

We also read the book Riki’s Birdhouse along with this project.  I love this book!  The pictures are bright and busy and it gives lots of ideas on ways to feed the birds.  The kids loved it too!   We got ours at the local library, so take a look there first!


This Project Was Inspired By:

 A Few Things to Remember:

  • Don’t start feeding the birds unless you plan on doing it all winter.  Birds will come to depend on your food supply.
  • It takes about 2 weeks for the birds to find your bird feeder.  Don’t get discouraged!
  • Keep it filled.  If the feeder sits empty for more than a day or so, birds generally won’t come back.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  Kelli just made some great fall themed lunch notes too!


About the Author:

Lindsey Whitney is a home day care provider and a  blogger over at Growing Kids Ministry.  Growing Kids Ministry is a blog designed to help parents, teachers, and Children’s Ministry workers who want to help the kids they love grow in their faith.   You can connect with her via twitter or on facebook.

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About the Author:

Lindsey Whitney is a mom of two, home day care provider, and blogger over at Growing Kids Ministry.  A blog designed to help parents, teachers, and Children’s Ministry workers who want to help the kids they love grow in their faith.   You can connect with her via twitter or on facebook!


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  1. We just hung up our feeders and started to fill them up. Yes, it’s true that birds depend upon the food.

    • Connie,
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’ve got your feeders up too. There is a 20lb bag of bird seed on sale this week at Valu Home Centers for $6 or $7! I know where I’m headed!

  2. I love that you included such nice photos. This looks like a fun activity. Also, I love the lunch notes.

    • Thanks for stopping by again Lindsay! Always great to hear from you! We certainly had a lot of fun. I think this was the favorite activity for the fall so far!

  3. Cute idea thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this! So easy for the kids to do themeselves too!

    • Exactly. My two year old is getting really independent and she loves when she can actually complete a project “all by herself”. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!


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