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I have three children. My oldest is 6 and my youngest is 22 months. I didn’t have to deal with children have allergies until my youngest. Whenever we go around new people or go to a group dinner I am always worried that someone is going to feed her blueberries. She loves eating off other people plates and she’s not even 2 yet so she can’t say “Oh, I can’t have that!” That’s why I was more than willing to try AllerMates.

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About AllerMates Wristbands:

High grade silicone “I Have Allergies” Wristband safeguards and protects in a fun and modern way. You can write in your allergies on the back with a ball-point pen, along with urgent care contact and medical information.”

My Thoughts:

I found out Carly Jo was allergic to blueberries in matter of seconds of her taking just one little bite of blueberries. She broke out head to toe in a rash. I got her to the ER before anything else happened. The doctor told me that she is likely to have severe allergies to blueberries with how bad she reacted to as little amount as she had. Right now I am always around her, but she will be starting preschool in a year or so. I won’t be able to protect her then. She will eat breakfast and lunch at  school. At school she may come across fresh blueberries, blue berry muffins or pancakes. Right now she can’t talk that well and when she will be in preschool she will still be young enough where she won’t realize or think to say I can’t have that. That’s why I love the fact that this bracelet is bright and colorful. It will grab the adults that will be around her attention making them realize that she has allergies. Then they can easily check the back to see what kind and what to do if something happened. The ink on the wristband will not come off after you boil  it for one minute. Boiling it makes the ink indelible. Anytime Carly Jo leaves this house she will have this wristband on. It truly puts my mind at ease!

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  1. Great idea and it looks way more comfortable than many allergy bracelets I’ve seen.

  2. I’ve bought it, it’s really good, thanks for recommendation.

  3. These are a great idea even for older children who may be unable to verbally respond in a medical emergency, such as an anaphylactic response.

  4. Jacqui

    I love this idea. My little man is allergic to bananas, of all things, and I worry constantly when he is at school of of on a play date with friends.

    Thank you for putting up the link for us to be able to get them without searching too hard. You’re a lifesaver.