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2013 Holiday Gift Guide Schedule

This is your stop for all the Holiday Gift Giving Guides this year!  Have someone to buy for and no clue what they may want?  Each weekday through November (up to Thanksgiving) I will be posting a guide that is full of ideas and even a couple giveaways!

2013 Holiday Gift Ideas Schedule

I hope this 5th Annual Holiday Gift Guide helps you mark items off your list this year!

Holiday Gift Guide Schedule

  1. Holiday Prep – Decorations, food/recipes, DIY crafts, Baking
  2. Pets: Dogs & Cats
  3. Baby: ages 0-1
  4. Toddler Boys & Girls: ages 2-4
  5. Young Boy: ages 5-8
  6. Young Girl: ages 5-8
  7. Tween Boy: 9 -12
  8. Tween Girl 9-12
  9. Teen Boy: 13-18
  10. Teen Girl 13-18

As the guides go live, the items above will get links – be sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss a Holiday Gift Guide!

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  1. I’m excited! I look forward to your guides all year long! Can’t wait to until tomorrow! Thank you!

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