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2013: Blogging Year in Review

Every year about this time, I like to go back over the previous year and take a good long hard look at exactly what I have done that has worked and what I need to work a little harder at.

A blogging year in review

This year is no different.  I have had LOTS of changes this year on my blog like:

  • Combining all 3 sites into one with a complete site redo that I did about 85% on my own
  • Launching a partnership with Crystal of Crystal and Company where we offer free practical advice over on G+ and offer consulting, classes, and more!
  • I have also added a few heavy hitters to my tribe this year: Holly of Kids Activities Blog & Chrissy of The Taylor House
  • I ran an internship program for 3 months – oh man, I LOVED it, but it was a MASSIVE amount of work.
  • I did some mega traveling in 2013 with 15 days in Florida, some in Panama City, Biloxi, New Orleans, just to name a few.

I feel so blessed to be able to be home most of the time with my family and still contribute to the household coffers!  SO, thanks guys for making all this possible!

Now that we have established the changes that are on the top of my head, I also like to share with you what my top posts, referrals, keywords, etc have been for the year.  I believe that every blogger that considers their blog a business should take time to reflect, as I am.  It helps you get your ducks back in a row and helps you be organized for the new year.

  • If you don’t know what your readers are liking, how can you know what to keep giving them?
  • If you don’t know what places are sending you traffic, then how can you know what places to spend your time?

Top 10 posts from 2013

  1. The Learning Curve for Boys – by far my number 1 post… with almost 20,000 more visits than my number two!
  2. My Home Page
  3. The Christmas Cookie Exchange – written on December 6th of 2013, it shocks me that this is my #3 post for the year – however, it struck gold and went viral!
  4. Does the Tummy Tuck Belt Really Work?  Still bringing in lots of search engine traffic, this post no longer reflects what I write about.  However, it was #1 for a long time so the things I write about are slowly taking it over.
  5. 5 Ways to Make a Box Cake Better – This is a guest post written for Southern Mom Cooks by the always wonderful Janine LaTulippe.  This post has done really well over on Pinterest!
  6. Easy Crock Pot Recipes for Working Moms – Seriously, is it any wonder this has done well?
  7. Rotel Dip with Hamburger – I redid the image on this post in late 2013 and did some guest posts on other Rotel recipes to try to get this post going and it seems to have worked!
  8. 36 Pinterest Inspired Thanksgiving Recipes – again, my timing on this post was impeccable!  I hope I can continue this trend in 2014!
  9. Keep It Clean Tilapia – This was the #1 recipe on Southern Mom Cooks!
  10. Monster Cookie Dough Dip – This is a guest post written by Brianne.  The pictures on this post are just too gorgeous… so great that every few weeks I push them back through my Pinterest account and am linking it to linkies every few months!

Top 10 Referrals from 2013

  1. Pinterest – 243,868
  2. Direct – 140,178
  3. Google Organic – 89,133
  4. Crystal and Company – 11,427
  5. Princess Pinky Girl – 9,669
  6. Bing Organic – 6,166
  7. Facebook – 6,092
  8. Yahoo Organic – 6,083
  9. Feedburner email – 5,358
  10. Mobile Facebook – 5,055

Yeah, Pinterest accounts for WAY too much of my traffic, but actually towards the end of 2013 I started to try to remedy that.  I will continue working on building my Facebook page and search engine traffic through 2014 to see those numbers get closer together.

Top 10 Search Engine Keywords from 2013

Google changed, so I actually have over XYZ not provided keywords so I can’t give exacts, but I still just wanted to know what was working and what wasn’t.  I also like to give the public record because I know that when I reevaluate next year, the info will be right here!

Not provided <– yeah this accounts for about 65,000 of my keywords. :-(  but to give you an idea, the top 3 landing pages under not provided keywords are:

  1. The tummy tuck belt post
  2. Rotel dip post
  3. Boxed cake mix post

The keywords that are showing up are:

  1.  does the tummy tuck belt really work
  2. 3 boys and a dog
  3. tummy tuck belt reviews
  4. rotel dip
  5. does the tummy tuck belt work
  6. 3boysandadog
  7. advanced coloring pages
  8. easy crock pot recipes for working moms
  9. ifocus reviews
  10. jungle rangers

Follower / Subscriber Growth from 2013

  • Facebook (5,584) – 9,017
  • Twitter (17,455) 27,836
  • YouTube Subscribers (544) 1,854
  • Google Plus – (wasn’t even a member so all growth LOL!) 25,695
  • Pinterest – (no starting record) 16,684
  • Instagram – (no starting record) 1,587
  • Newsletter Subscribers (1,393) 4,454
  • Feed Subscribers- (no starting record) 2,516
  • Unique Visitors 427.36% increase from 2012!
  • Page Views 270.64% increase from 2012!  2013 saw me with just slightly over 1 million page views for the year!  I am hoping for 2,225,000 for 2014!  Wish me luck!
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  1. I’m so glad that I’m a partner with your site. I’m grateful to you for everything you’ve taught me in 2013. I look forward to what 2014 will bring us.
    Crystal Green´s last blog post ..New Years Inspiration for 2014

  2. WOW!!! The growth on your site is really impressive. I found you a few months ago and started watching the Google Hangouts. You and Crystal have taught me so much! Happy New Year!

  3. very interesting hope you have a great year in 2014 as well
    come see us at

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