Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

Merry Christmas!!

Well, the cookies are baked, the menus are planned, the house is decorated inside and out, all the gifts are bought (and wrapped!) and I’ve pinned a number of tasty hot chocolate recipes for Christmas Eve.  Every day, my children go about the house singing Christmas songs and gazing out windows searching for Santa Clause.    Oh!  Almost had you, huh?

In reality, a batch of cookies WAS baked, but then they were consumed before they were even frosted. Nevermind they were actually baked for the neighbors!  Menus?  Let’s not even go there!  Decorations were up, but most have since been destroyed and even though I still have about 3 more people to buy for, I’m avoiding the mall like the plague.

How about you??

One thing we ARE doing this week is making some gifts for others.  Chipmunk is almost three, so I think it’s a good time for her to give as well as receive.  We’re making Salt Dough Star Ornaments to give to others.  Want to follow along?  I received the Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter 24 Pack Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!  to review last week and decided to use the glitter in the project.  I confess, I’ve been eyeing up the pack at Michael’s for some time now, so I was thrilled to take a look at it.

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Let’s Get Started!

What You Need:

  • Salt Dough (I used this recipe)
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Glitter, Paint, or other decorating supplies

What You Do:

Mix up a batch of salt dough together.   As you mix, explain that soon it will be Christmas and that people like to give gifts at Christmas.  Say, “Wouldn’t it be nice to make some decorations to give to our friends and family this Christmas?”  Of course, you’ll probably get a resounding “Yes!”

IMG 0858 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give! All mixed up and ready to roll!

After the dough is mixed up, roll it out onto the table (you may need to put flour on top of and below the dough).  As you roll out the dough, talk about thick and thin and observe together how the dough is getting thinner as you roll.

IMG 0859 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

After the dough is about 1/4 inch thick, start cutting out those ornaments!  We just used a star for simplicity’s sake, but you can make all kinds of different decorations.

IMG 0861 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

Place the ornaments onto the cookie sheet and use a straw to put a hole at the top.  This will be used for a ribbon later in order to hang the ornament up.

IMG 0862 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

Our original plan was to paint and glitter AFTER the ornaments were baked, but then I decided to do a little experiment!  What if we put the glitter in the dough BEFORE we bake them?  It might look cool and it would cut down on the glitter debris everywhere (I personally love it when glitter gets everywhere, but apparently, not everyone shares my same sentiments).

IMG 0864 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

Chipmunk went a little crazy with the glitter, but I didn’t mind (after all, it was free!).  I tried to put some on top of the dough and then roll it INTO the dough, but that just resulted in a very glittery rolling pin.  You kind of had to knead the glitter into the dough a bit to really get it embedded.

IMG 0867 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

Bake the decorations for about 2 hours in a 225 degree oven.  When we made the dinosaur ornaments earlier this year, I didn’t leave them in long enough, so make sure the ornaments are good and stiff before you take them out.  Rainy Mum claims you can microwave them, so you could try that too! 

IMG 0878 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

After letting the ornaments cool, decorate at will!  Of course, this was Chipmunk’s favorite part.

Decorating Stars Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

I must say, the glitter turned out lovely inside the dough and as a decorating afterwards.  It really sparkles.  I love the fine texture and all the vibrant colors.

IMG 0895 300x225 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

I can’t wait to use it for some more projects!

IMG 0880 225x300 Glittery Gift for Kids to Make and Give!

After the decorations have dried, string a ribbon through and tie in a loop.I plan to put all the ornaments in a basket and let Chipmunk pass them out during gift giving this Christmas.


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Disclaimer: I was provided a glitter kit in exchange for this post.  However, I do really love glitter.

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