Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

holidayguidebanner Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

I have a plea for you this Holiday Season:  Please, take a few dollars or a couple toys and donate to Toys for Tots or The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree.  There are thousands of kids each year that have zip under the Christmas Tree because their parents can’t afford it.  Brighten a child’s life this holiday season!  Our family adopts a local child from the Angel Tree each year, but when I got a plea from a reader asking me if there was a way to post on my site about a family that she knows (this morning… while I was writing a holiday gift guide!) it reminded me that I have the perfect outlet for getting the word out about the importance of GIVING during Christmas. :-)  Don’t go out to eat this week, cut back on your cell phone minutes, give up smoking, whatever your extras are… give it up for a bit if you need to and donate that money to help someone less fortunate than you. icon smile Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women) <stepping down from my soap box now>

Through the month of November, you will find my top picks for the season’s hottest and most unique gifts.

Photographic Life (giveaway)

The Photographic Life: Photo Tips for Moms,” a new website developed to help moms (and dads) take better photos of their kids. Mary Phillips, a busy Texas mother and professional photographer, has launched a new business, and made it easier for moms (and dads) to take better photos of their kids, no matter what type of camera equipment they have, and it can all be done in the comfort of their own home, at their own speed.

Membership costs are just $1 trial membership, and after that a very affordable $6 per month (or a special deal of $60 a year), and a portion of the membership fees benefits two non-profit children’s charities, The Tiny Sparrow Foundation and Wipe Out Kids’ Cancers.  This is an awesome addition to my holiday gift guide!

DivaGirl Game

DIVAGIRL12 Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

DivaGirl is not just a card game; it’s an event party!
Dress up in your favorite Diva wear and get ready for an evening of fun, food and gifts!

Each card in this game shows something every Diva loves-
Champagne, diamonds, facials, red lipstick, tropical vacations and more!

So ladies, get out your boas, marabou slippers, tiaras and lounging pajamas and get ready for a fun girlfriend night.

Azuri Reversible Pashmina Shawl (giveaway)

108 Henna ZOOM Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

This timeless and finely woven Reversible Pashmina Shawl will keep you warm and looking incredibly stylish whatever the occasion. The natural sheen of the silk gives the Pashmina Shawl a lustrous finish while also providing warmth and softness. This expertly woven Pashmina Shawl, crafted with only the finest Pashmina & Silk, can be used year-round, day and night, while traveling and at home, formal events and casual outings, as a wrap, shawl and scarf – simply an amazingly versatile, must-have item. 55% Pashmina 45% Silk. 72″ length x 22″ width. Fringed ends.

Pomega 5 Facial Bars

3Barsweb  06580 zoom Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

Luxurious and organic soap that not only smells good but also improves skin makes a great gift and wont break the bank! Pomega5 Bulgarian Rose Moisturizing Beauty Bar is a nourishing, smoothing and exfoliating cleansing bar that is perfectly suited for dry, sensitive, and/or mature skin.

Contains anti-inflammatory pomegranate seed oil, calming red clover flowers, soothing lavender oil, the soothing essential oils of rosewood and vanilla, and extra virgin olive oil to hydrate and repair.

VB Cosmetics Abrione Chakra Masque Tube

chakrastack Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

The chakra system has been used for thousands of years as an integral part of holistic healing. The word chakra signifies one of seven energy centers in the body, corresponding to the seven main nerve centers which emanate from the spinal column. Each of the seven main chakras reflects essential aspects of consciousness and governs our lives, loves, learning and spiritual awakening. Energize your mind, body and spirit with VB Cosmetic’s refreshing line of Abrioné Chakra Masques.

Each contains enough for two chakra masques. The Cell Enhancer contains enough for 2-3 applications.

Leslie Tyler Cosmetics Lip Gloss (giveaway)

GentleRosewandout Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

Leslie Tyler Fink, is a well-known Houston socialite and star of the upcoming show Leslie & The Journey to True Love, as well as the next housewives reality show. (I tried to find out if that was a Bravo production, but her publicist wouldn’t tell me. Boo.) Leslie also has her own lip gloss line from Leslie Tyler Cosmetics, which has been worn on celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Love Hewitt, LeeAnn Rhymes, Julianna Hough, and more.

*DISCLAIMER:  I had over 400 submissions to the Holiday Gift Guides and what you will see throughout the month of November are my top picks based on customer service, quality, uniqueness, and value for your buck.  If they are kid toys then they also have to be kid-approved by my children and nieces!  Any opinions stated are strictly my own!  No money changed hands, although the items were sent to me to help facilitate my reviews.*

pixel Holiday Gift Guide: Adults 18 and Up (women)

This post may contain affiliate links - any opinions stated are strictly my own!

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