Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & Giveaway


 Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & GiveawayOnce again, I want to give a big thank you to Crayola and My Blog Spark for the chance to bring my readers such a great opportunity! We have one more week of Crayola Giveaways after this week! I got my goodies in, and we have had such fun playing with them!

 Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & Giveaway

  • 24-ct. Crayola Crayons, the quintessential back-to-school tool that kids love for their vibrant colors, and moms and teachers choose for superior quality and value – Mom Says: I don’t know about you guys, but Crayola is the only brand of crayons I buy! They don’t leave a waxy residue, and frankly are just plain better quality!
  • 10-ct. Crayola Markers, with an array of consistent, true colors to complete any task – Mom Says: Same goes with the markers! They last longer and have more vibrant coloring than the off brands. icon smile Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & Giveaway As a colorer myself, I like to outline in marker first then color in with crayon.
  • 12-ct. Crayola Colored Pencils, which come pre-sharpened with thick, strong lead made to tackle touch projects and art activities. – Mom Says: I am not a big colored pencil person (prefer markers and crayons) but my oldest boy LOVES his colored pencils. He is more of an artist that I and can draw better with the pencils. icon smile Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & Giveaway Of course, the quality is really just that much better with Crayola than with any other brand of art supplies!
  • Crayola Pip-Squeaks Colored Pencils and Glitter Glue, which give children big color in a small size and are perfect for jazzing up art projects with bright, bold, shimmering colors. – Mom Says: Guy, these are the cutest little things! They are totally washable, also! So, the kids love being able to get creative with the colored pencils and colored glitter glue and mom loves that I don’t have to worry about them ruining things!
  • Crayola Window Crayons, to help let your little ones transform glass surfaces into instant decorations with bright colors that lay down smoothly, dry quickly, and wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Tadoodles Washable Crayon Buddies, which are colorful little characters that hold a triangular-shaped crayon that twists up when the tip wears down – perfect for little hands! – Mom Says: OMG! These are amazing! My niece was over and she and the boys colored for hours on my windows and really thought they were doing something bad. icon smile Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & Giveaway All it took was a wet rag to wipe it right off. It was neat for the late night to get them occupied and keep the kids from fighting.
  • Crayola Color Explosion Black Extreme Surprises, which comes complete with a stencil sheet and two Broad Tip Color Explosion clear ink markers that reveal a different surprise design as they´re colored on 18-page tablet. Mom Says: I just love all the innovative ideas Crayola come up with! It definitely keeps the kids interested. You know, we all love to color, but when we get to try something new it just really makes it more fun. The fact that they can color on black paper with something other than white just thrills the boys!
  • Crayola Color Switchers, which are dual-ended markers that allow kids to magically change the colors of their drawings with a swoosh of the “color switch” tip. Mom Says: This is super fun! I had a blast drawing, then swooshing the other side through the whole thing to make different colored designs. icon smile Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & Giveaway

You want some, too, right? Check your local Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max, etc right now for super savings on Crayola Back to School Supplies! You can also sign up for a chance to win!

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REQUIRED: To win your own kit (everything above) leave a comment telling me your favorite (or most memorable) Back 2 School moment!

BONUS: After the #GNO party Tuesday night, come back and leave a comment telling what you learned at the party.

 Crayola CreativityCast Week 3 Review & Giveaway

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, back to school moment. My son and his first day on the bus. He had the proudest look on his face. I had no camera but the picture is still in my memories.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  2. My favorite back to school moment is when my son came home to tell me how the day went and who the teacher was and who was in the class.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  3. My favorite back to school moment was my little boys first day of kindergarden an he wanted to ride the big yellow bus,an he had this big back pack on an I followed behind the bus crying all the way,he is now 34


  4. My favorite back to Homeschool moment is that every year we take off the first day the public schools are in session! We eat a leisurely breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch and wave as the big yellow bus passes us by. Then we do all the fun things we can think of that day. That may be getting together with friends at the park, watching movies, playing outside for hours, baking yummy treats all day, going bowling, or all the above!

  5. One of my Back2School moments is actual the few days before when my son's school has Sneak Back to School Night. Last year my son found out on that night that his best friend from school was going to be in his class. He was so excited. I hope it's the same this year but we will not know until we attend this year's sneak back to school night.

  6. Favorite back to school moments when I was a child is getting new stuff. New school supplies, new book bag and clothes!

    Luvtosave at

  7. Connie Walsh says:

    My favorite back to school moment is when the second week of school has started and I'm alone in my house and I can do my things. About 2 weeks of that I am bored and want my kids back.

  8. My most memorable back to school memory was when i was doing "back to college" shopping. My uncle was off for the summer ( he worked for the school district) so me him and my cousin would go shopping all the time for me. I loved all the bright colored things for my dorm. I loved getting a new comforter and more shelves And new notebooks and folders!

  9. I remember we got a new school building when I was in 1st Grade and how excited I was to see what it was like!

  10. Hmmm…I remember when I was going into the third grade and it was going to be a new school for me. I got off of the school bus and went to go into the school all proud because I knew where I was going. However, I got upset because the teachers stopped us and made us line up together and go up as a group to the classroom.

  11. justicecw says:

    My favorite back to school moment was last year seeing my son see his friends for the first time since school ended…they were all so excited! Thanks,

  12. TXsunlover says:

    My favorite back to school moment was always the first day of school…getting to wear my new clothes, new shoes and see friends I hadn't seen all summer.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  13. as a parent, i like meeting the teachers

  14. The Halton Mom says:

    As a kid I loved seeing everyone in their new clothes. Now I love seeing my little girl getting to know new friends and of course meeting the teacher!

    lil_wifey21 at yahoo dot com

  15. JamericanSpice says:

    My favorite back to school moment as a child is having new books and uniform and showing up on the first day knowing I'm moving on to 10th grade! I"m in the big leagues! :)

  16. That would have to be the meeting of moms at Starbucks after we dropped off our little ones on the first day of school. There were a lot of tears, but they vanished quickly. It;s tough to let that little one go, and we comiserated.

  17. I'll never forget my sons first day getting off the bus from kindergarten, my Mom was there and we went to greet him and take his picture and he got mad and stomped home! It's funny now. We think he was embarrassed.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My favorite back to school moment is the squeaky clean new shoes, the sparkling bright new clothes and the well done hair, photo opportunity galore. After that, those things will all be dirty ha ha.

  19. I remember my mom just baked my baby brother's bday cake (he at that time was 3) she ran outside to take my sister and my picture for the first day of school. When she came back in my brother had two fist fulls of cake and was saying MY birthday cake!

    ajcmeyer at go dot com

  20. It was my son's first day of kindergarten, and I cried. This was a couple of years ago, but it's still fresh in my mind.


    charisscharity [at] yahoo [dot] com

  21. Augustine and Laurel Santiago says:

    I just really love the newness of the back to school season, and the new starts that Fall brings in regards to new books, lesson plans, fresh supplies, etc. Fall is my favorite season because of it.

  22. BeautifulWreck says:

    My best back to school moment was when I was 8 and was going into third grade. I had brand new shoes, new uniforms (I went to private school) and all new pens, pencils and arts supplies. I also had this cool Garfield lunch box. I was COOL! I believe that was the only year everything I had was brand new. And of course, I had all Crayola products. If you follow me on twitter, everyone knows I am a crayon snob and I only buy Crayola products.

  23. The Allen Family says:

    My favorite memory was when I got to go back to school in 6th grade after being homeschooled for two years. I was SO excited and very nervous.

  24. I loved laying out my new clothes the night before the first day. The anticipation was at an all-time high, every single year.

  25. Night Owl Mama says:

    My daughter started preschool I thought for sure she'd have a melt down so I waited. Nope she started to play and didn;t even noticed I left. Then it happened, I cried.

    nightowlmama at comcast dot net

  26. Night Owl Mama says:

    I learned at the Twitter party that you can use a box as a excellent canvas for little one's to draw on.

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