14 Ways to have a Fresh and Festive Holiday

Are you ready for the upcoming Festive Holidays?  By this time next week, most people will have completed their Thanksgiving feasts and be thinking about Christmas. Can you believe that?  Here are my top 14 tips to help you get your home Fresh, Festive, and ready for the Holidays.

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Some of my tips take more time than others and you will even find a few freshness cheats!  I have three small boys and a husband that coaches two sports, I am entitled to cheats. 😉

  1. Fall Cleaning – Yes, cleaning!  The best way to get your house fresh is to clean it from top to bottom.  We have already started this process!  Get it all: from cleaning the draperies and windows all the way down to shampooing your carpet.
  2. Put smells in the entire house – (here is one of my cheats) Chances are it is time to change out the a/c vent filters… when you replace the nasty ones with fresh ones, add a fresh dryer sheet to them.  Every time the heater or air conditioner kicks on, it will send that wonderful smell through the house!  You can even take an old one from the dryer and add a few drops of your favorite holiday oil or vanilla extract, then put them in.  :-)
  3. Another “smell good” cheat – Expecting company?  Fake that fresh baked cookie smell by putting a little vanilla extract on a cotton ball and sticking it in the microwave for a few seconds.  Grab the steaming cotton ball out of the microwave with a pair of tongs and walk around the common areas.  Trust me, it works. LOL!
  4. Final “smell good” cheat – Put some vanilla extract on a cotton ball and dab it to the light bulbs in your home.  Or just spray some air freshener straight on them.  When you turn the lights on (and the bulb heats up) it will cause the smell to permeat the room.
  5. Start Baking – Nothing gets the holiday juices flowing better than starting on the Holiday Baking and Candy Making!  Not only do you have goodies for visitors that just drop by, but it makes your house smell oh so yummy!
  6. Candles – Ok, so it is probably a cheat, but I just love the smell of candles.  We have them in so many places in the house.  As the seasons change, the scents change.  In the Fall we have apple pie, pumpin pie, and harvest scents.  Then, at Christmas we go with evergreen, holiday cookie, and mulberry smells. Plus, with the new Wooden Wick candles from Febreeze, it is like having a little tiny fireplace anywhere in your home!
  7. Potpourri – Set some pretty red and green bowls around the house full of holiday scented potpourri.  Plus, you can add in some of those tiny presents and holiday balls to really dress it up!
  8. Real Christmas Tree – When I was young, my grandparents owned a Christmas Tree Farm.  I really miss the smell of a fresh Virginia Pine at Christmas time.  It really smells wonderful for the entire Christmas season.
  9. Involve the kids – Give them some arts and crafts supplies and let them go to town making decorations for the house and tree.  You just might be surprised at what your little kiddos can come up with!  Be sure to have plenty of goodies on hand for them to really get creative: beads, pipe cleaners, paper, glue, crayons, wiggle eyes, etc!
  10. Go overboard – There is no better time of the year to be able to get away with “too much of a good thing”.  Fill your house (every room, nook, and cranny) with the Holiday Spirit.  I even have Christmas in my bathrooms!  Of course, by the time Christmas is over, we are sick of it but it is so nice!
  11. Change your normal menu – Lead up to the holidays with some fun menu plans!  Look up traditional Christmas recipes for other countries and you can even learn something while you are at it.
  12. Make a day of it – If you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to set a family tradition!  We have a tree decorating night!  The entire family gets involved, the radio goes on Christmas music, popcorn gets popped, hot chocolate get made, and we settle down to decorate the tree.  It is such a fun, relaxing way to kick off Christmas!
  13. Make the last day of school special – It is a fight at our house, but every year I talk my husband into letting everyone open a small stocking present that first night of the Holidays.  To me it is such a fun way to kick off winter vacation and to give everyone a hint of what is to come. :-)
  14. Give Back – No matter how you do it, Christmas is the Season of Giving.  If your budget is so small it is non-existant, spend an hour visiting with people at the local old folks home.  It doesn’t cost you anything!  Even if you can only do a few dollars, give it to someone who doesn’t have it!

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  1. June says

    I love the vanilla on a cotton ball idea…good cheater!
    We have a real tree at Christmas and it’s all about the smell.
    My fall cleaning starts when I haul out the Christmas decorations too. Great time to dust.

    Found you on Blog Frog!!