11 Weeks Until Christmas: Closet Clean Out

How many closets do you have in your home? I have 6, if I count my pantry as a closet.  Since this week is about cleaning out our closets, I have lots of work to do. :-)

When I posted our 12 Weeks Until Christmas Schedule, one person sent me an email asking why we are worried about cleaning out closets when company doesn’t look in them.  I thought I would answer her in this post before getting to the challenge.  Well, there are actually several reasons:

  1. It is easier to keep the rest of the house clean if our storage places are clean and organized.
  2. We have to have a place to store all the presents we will be gathering these days in preparation of Christmas.
  3. They are typically the smallest rooms in the house, making them easier to clean.
  4. Because, it seemed like a good idea. :-)

To help you get organized for Christmas, Christina at Mommy Story Reviews is hosting our second giveaway for 12 Weeks ‘Til Christmas:  12 Weekly Challenges to help you get your home clean, organized, and company ready in time for Christmas!

Your Challenge this week is a bit more complex: Clean Out Those Closets!

Steps to a Clean Closet:

Step 1 – Remove everything from the closet!  Vacuum or sweep and mop the floor, wipe down shelves, and wipe down walls.

Step 2 – Start Sorting!  Begin throwing away broken items and other obvious trash.  Also, start boxing things that are in good condition but unused.  Now, set a plan to get those unused items out of your house:  Goodwill, Free Cycle, Craig’s List, and eBay are great places!  Set some time aside tonight to list online if that is the plan – otherwise, put the box straight into your car so you can drop them off on your next errand day.

Step 3 – Sort some more! Look at the rest of the items that are to go back in your closet.  Sort like items together and decide if you need baskets or hanging bags to keep smaller or like items together.

Step 4 – Put everything back in! Put things back in neatly.  Are there things in there that you don’t want the kids to get to?  Put those on the highest shelf.

Step 5 – Visit Mommy Story Reviews for your chance to win supplies to help you get those closets cleaned out and all the laundry freshly laundered!

One Lucky Person will win:

  1. 3 bottles of Tide with Acti-Lift
  2. 3 bottles of Ultra Downy in the new Sun Blossom scent

TO WIN:  Visit Christina’s 11 Weeks Until Christmas Post!

Too bad I can’t win. :-)  We swear by Tide in this house!

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  1. couponboa says

    Thanks for the tips! I absolutely agree with you. When you clean out the closet periodically you are likely to create more space to dump unnecessary stuff later.


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