10 Things You Can Learn From a 3-Year Old

DSCN1170 All over the internet, on thousands of blogs, even on television are millions of things you should teach your child.  What about the things they can teach us?

  1. Color, Religion, Social Status do NOT matter!
  2. Playing is (and should be) fun!
  3. Playing is necessary!
  4. A hug makes everything better!
  5. Sick is just an excuse for laziness!
  6. I am the best, cutest, funniest, smartest, etc.
  7. Be nice to everyone! Forgive and forget!
  8. When the sun comes up, it is a whole new day!
  9. If it is comfortable: sit on it, wear it, use it!
  10. Smile and the world smiles with you… but you can get a ton of attention with a well-planned FIT!
  11. (one more thing) If you play continuously, you can stay thin on cookies, PB & J, and orange juice!

What are some other things we should remember or re-learn from our childhood?

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  1. couponboa says

    Subscribed to your blog right away. This is really my first ever visit and so thanks and congratulations for creating this wonder space for us.

    The thing that I have learned from my niece is that is to be yourself. Be original! Acknowledge pure love by showing great care and affection. She is a genius and I know most kids are.


  2. Shannon Flora says

    Good post! Children are such a blessing! I like your 10 things that you shared.
    I have a 3yr old and to be honest,he teaches me more and more how to be patient!!

    shannpf1977 at yahoo dot com